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Arctic Shrimp Powder

Pandalus borealis shrimp off the coast of Norway.

Marealis Arctic Shrimp Powder is fully natural, made from wild-caught Pandalus borealis prawns off the Northern Arctic coast of Norway. The sustainable and MSC-certified fishery serves Marealis' mother company, Stella Polaris, with raw material. Stella Polaris is one the leading companies in manufacturing cooked, peeled and frozen shrimp products for consumers all over the world. Arctic Shrimp Powder is made from fresh shrimp heads and shells and is cooked, dried and milled to meet European food grade standards (EC no. 853/2004). The main applications are in food ingredients, pet food and aquaculture feed. It is approved for pet food where the chitosan is recommended by vets to support healthy renal function.



35 %


1 %


35 %


20 %


9 %

Astaxanthin (incl. esters)

0.13 g/kg

Particle size

80% < 1 mm


8 %

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