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Clinically proven to support healthy blood pressure

PreCardix®, an innovation of Marealis, is a safe and effective non-prescription natural health product for healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular health. Healthy blood pressure is an important factor for longevity, and maintaining healthy blood pressure levels reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular-related conditions. Cold-waterprawn shells, a historically underutilized by-product, are used to make PreCardix® through controlled enzymatic hydrolysis and careful refinement. In turn, Marealis is contributing to a circular economy and sustainability, while also helping solve one of the biggest health issues in the world. A therapeutic dose of PreCardix® contains 1200 mg of proprietary bioactive marine peptides (small fragments of protein) derived from cold-water shrimp shells (Pandalusborealis). These peptides were studied in unmedicated adults with mild to moderately elevated blood pressure and have been clinically proven to have a statistically significant effect on blood pressure health when taken daily as directed. The peer-reviewed clinical trial was published in the International Journal of Hypertension in 2019. Health Canada approves PreCardix® as a safe and effective natural product for healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular health. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) also approve PreCardix®.