Rune Larsen


Rune Larsen serves as the Chief Commercial Officer at Marealis, leading the company's commercial strategies for B2C and B2B markets. With over 25 years in the creative industry and over five years as a product marketing leader in the SaaS and shipping industry, Rune has a proven leadership, brand-building, design, and consulting record, honed through significant roles in advertising, design studios, and product marketing management. A staunch advocate for excellent design and customer satisfaction, Rune infuses his passion into every aspect of his work, especially enhancing the 'experience' element of building great brands. When not at the office, he enjoys hiking with his wife or doing carpentry work at his cabin. His fitness regime involves either running or cross-country skiing. Rune is an avid reader of business-related books and relishes unwinding with a fine bottle of Barolo.